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Field shelter for ponies.

Field shelter for ponies.

Field-Shelters-for-ponies, by Withington Hill

If you are thinking of providing field shelter for ponies, there are some important considerations to bear in mind.


Size matters.

It is important to take into account the size and number of animals you own when choosing a mobile field shelter. Opting for a shelter that is too large could make it an unwelcoming environment requiring unnecessary maintenance, and something that is too small could make space difficult for animals who share. You need to find the right balance of usability, functionality and cost.

When choosing a field shelter for your ponies, there are many factors which need to be taken into account. These are related to not only your field shelter supplier but also your own individual circumstances and those of the ponies in your care.


Ponies are herd animals.

One important factor might be the actual number of ponies you have and their sizes, and even how your ponies interact together. For example, some ponies prefer to be alone although in general ponies are a herd animal and much prefer to be with at least one companion. Many ponies partner up with one companion for many years if not for life and become inseparable. Therefore, you do not want to choose field shelter which might be too large and conversely one which is too small would make it difficult for two animals to share. There is a balance to be found between the practical aspects, functionality and to your budget. Ultimately, you know your ponies better than anyone else so think carefully about them as individuals, what they will find most comfortable and pleasant to live in.


You need to think about weather conditions & location.

Of course there are crucial factors to take into consideration such as protection from the unpredictable and inclement British weather. In hotter summer conditions your field shelter should be airy and well ventilated.

Some other minor but nevertheless very important issues are such things as the width of access areas and roof heights, which will be dictated by the type and size ponies to be housed in your field shelter.

Positioning of the field shelter is also very important and if possible should be in a position protected from prevailing wind and also located in a well-drained area. The field shelter should also be sturdy to prevent movement or being pushed around by horses are other large animals and strong enough to withstand strong winds.


Choose a reputable supplier with a good reputation.

All of the field shelters for ponies provided by Withington Hill, fully lined for the comfort of your animals and this also provides extra insulation. Our field shelters can also double up as hay stores speed stores and even tractor storage.

Our field shelters for ponies will provide excellent shelter for your animals not only against the rain and wind during the harsh winter months but also against the heat the summer sun and against invasive and troublesome insects in summer.

In most cases field shelter for your pony will not require any planning permission. In addition if your field shelter of the mobile variety there is no need for a concrete base hence ground work for your field shelter is minimal.

In the case of mobile field shelters for ponies these are constructed on heavy duty, galvanised metal skid sections. They are galvanised rather than painted to give them a longer life and the box section for ease of towing. Towing rings are fitted at each end together with heavy duty chains to enable your field shelter to be towed and easily moved around a suitable vehicle. If your field shelter may be in a particularly exposed location you can provide extra stability by securing it through the towing eyes.


Withington Hill are able to customise the size and layout of your  field shelter for ponies to suit your individual requirements, whether that be open fronted, stable fronted or one with a tack room attached.

Field Shelter for Ponies

Mobile pony field shelter on galvanised skids.
No matter the lay of the land, we can successfully build a field shelter!


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